My furniture has soul...

I am inspired by distant horizons.

Over the course of my career, I have worked in very different fields, some of which have given me the chance to travel around the world.

Havana and its ice-cream tinted buildings, its brightly coloured cars from the 50's, the emerald greens of tropical vegetation, and stormy violet clouds of Cambodia. And of course the blues and greens of the skies, seas, trees and seaweed of my native Scotland.

Ces dernières années, j’ai été immergée dans l’univers corporate, fait d’habits noirs et de diverses nuances de gris, qui m’ont laissée assoiffée de couleur…

Back at home I wanted cosy, bright and cheerful. I started to paint the walls and furniture, candleholders, boots and pretty much anything else I could lay my hands on.
The joy I get from painting is similar to the pleasure I get from cooking or when, much younger, I started messing about with makeup.

I began to hunt for beautiful old, abandoned, sometimes damaged furniture, charged with history and evocative of days gone by. Furniture I could bring back to life to with a little TLC and a splash of colour.

De là est venu ma passion pour le « Luxecyclage ».

Janet Watts

My furniture is sound...

Organic, pesticide and poison free... As a chemical sensitive craftsperson I use chalk paint, then work up a patina with non toxic waxes which give a soft and velvety finish. I avoid toxic products as much as possible, preferring to clean my brushes with black soap because, like so many, I only have to walk down the washing powder aisle in the supermarket to start sneezing! 

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