Shipping charges for shipping are based on flat rates for deliveries in metropolitan France (excluding Corsica), delivery is made at the door on the ground floor, and the deliverymen are not required to bring the goods inside the home. à la porte au rez-de chaussée, et les livreurs ne sont pas tenus de rentrer la marchandise à l’intérieur du domicile.

For the delivery of furniture or bulky items not covered by the Post Office in the islands of, metropolitan France (Corsica, Noirmoutier, Groix, Ré, Oléron, Ouessant, etc) or mountain resorts, delivery is made on estimate at cost price. Please contact us.

The delivery will be made by La Poste in Colissimo according to the choice of transport of the customer in Metropolitan France. The delivery is made by the direct handing-over of the product to the announced addressee, or in case of absence, to another person authorized by the customer. Possible delays do not give the buyer the right to claim damages.
Small deliveries in EEC countries are made by La Poste in Colissimo Europe. 

Always check your package upon arrival. You have 48 hours to make any complaints to the carrier in case of missing or damaged items.

Upon delivery of your package, it is imperative to check before signing the delivery note that the package is in good condition. If you notice a defective packaging, a crushed, open package or a package that seems contentious, note specific reservations on the delivery note that the carrier will ask you to sign. If the package is visibly damaged, we ask you to take a picture of it, then to refuse it, to leave it with the carrier, or to bring it back to the post office, and then to contact promptly. Acceptance of a visibly damaged delivery will not give rise to a refund.

In all cases, if you are absent from your home at the time of delivery, a delivery notice is left in your mailbox with the coordinates of the carrier or post office. Wattstock Gallery could not be held responsible if the delivery services could not deliver a parcel in case of absence of the recipient. The delivery services used by Wattstock Gallery generally carry out from one to three passages in the event of absence and leave a notice of instance with each passage. It is up to the recipient to follow the instructions given on these notices in order to recover his order. In the event of repeated absence of the recipient or refusal of the goods, the parcels will be returned to Wattstock Gallery and it will be up to the recipient to pay the expenses of forwarding, of return and the possible additional expenses, as well as the expenses of forwarding of the order.

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