high on colour

with painted period furniture

Uniquely yours...

Bright colours or muted tones, Art Deco, Mid-Century, Louis-Philippe or Henri II, beautiful, unique and sustainable pieces that deserve a second life, are reborn with a breath of fresh air. Delivery costs on request. 

My furniture has been around...

Layers of beauty,
Born long before me
Pre mass production, pre TV
Rich with the hues of history
Keep your catalogue shopping mall retail
Give me the craftsmanship, with dovetailed detail
No formaldehyde-soaked MDF and assembly kit
Paint, glue and clamps and I’ll luxcycle it

Textures and colours beautiful and bright
The delight of a patina on a ‘60s old white
The in-law’s old cupboard that some want to trash
I’ll gladly restore and revive in a flash